Maintenance Ops Manager

Freedom Wash | Virginia Beach, VA

Posted Date 10/29/2021

General Overview:

The number one goal of the Maintenance Ops Manager is to ensure that all equipment uptime is maximized while controlling repairs & maintenance costs.

Job Functions:

  • Manage all location repairs and maintenance tasks to include
    • Prioritizing repairs and directing technician staff accordingly
    • Developing preventive maintenance schedules and ensuring all PM is completed correctly and on-time
    • Follow up on work completed by techs/ other staff and ensure quality of repair
    • Developing spare parts management system to ensure vital parts are always on hand and obsolete inventory is liquidated
    • Ensuring each work truck and location has a supply of regularly used R&M items to minimize daily runs to various stores
    • Having knowledge of the operational state of every piece of equipment at all locations at all times
  • Staff Management tasks
    • Oversee technician in all aspects to include assigning work tasks, controlling work hours and break times and verifying work completed
    • Oversee inventory control personnel to ensure inventory levels are maintained per your requirements and personnel are working efficiently and productively at all times
  • Technician tasks
    • Oversee & Perform in R&M tasks and emergency repairs as needed to ensure work is completed and uptime is maximized
    • Oversee & Perform in equipment overhauls and other large repair/ maintenance projects
    • Perform Low Voltage Electrical Work
    • Oversee & Perform plumbing repairs
    • Oversee & Perform work on various systems including hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and electrical
    • Oversee & Perform Welding
Salary25.00 Hour
Job Type
Full Time

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